Professionals Who Care for You, A Company You Can Trust

In this day and age of digital overload, impersonal communication systems and algorithm- controlled websites, we strive to be a voice you can actually reach over the phone, the face you can see in an office and the company you can trust with all your real estate management or rental needs.

Locally owned and operated, Capital City Property Management, LLC strives always to give you the best possible experience, whether you’re renting a home or seeking relief from the burden of management. Our motto is, “It’s about building relationships with professionals you can trust!” We stand by that motto as much today as we did when we invented it.

Your home starts here

We value community service as much as we prioritize good business, and to that end, we perform a variety of public service acts. We believe being involved and giving back to our community is important not only because this is what sets us apart from the other companies, but because it’s the right thing to do. If you’d like to learn more about us, please get in touch today.